Founder's Message
Founder's Message
Mr. Bian Zhiliang

Mr. Bian Zhiliang, owner of Taishan Sports Industry Group, founded Taishan Sports in 1978. He has been dedicated to the sports industry for more than 40 years. Adhering to the development concept of "Good Personality, Good Products" and based on R & D innovation, he has achieved a historic leap from a family workshop to the world’s stage of sports industry and has become a legend of national sports industry.

He is currently Member of the 13th CPPCC National Committee; Member of Education, Science, Health and Sports Commission of CPPCC National Committee; Vice-director of National Sporting Goods Standardization Technical Committee; Vice-chairman of China Sports Goods Industry Federation; Vice-chairman of National Sports Standardization Technical Committee; Director of Fitness and Sports Equipment Committee of National Cultural, Educational and Sporting Goods Association; Vice-director of Experts Committee on Standardization of National Culture and Sports Goods Industry; Chairman of the First Council of the National Strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation of New Fitness Equipment Industry; Vice-chairman of National Ice and Snow Industry Alliance; Founding Member of Samaranch Sports Development Foundation; Member of China Friendship and Peaceful Development Foundation; Executive Chairman of China-ASEAN Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Cooperation Committee, etc.

Founder's Message

Time flies!More than 40 years have passed; more than 40 years have witnessed tremendous changes. In more than 40 years, we have not forgotten our initial goal.

Adhering to “Be Good People, Produce Good Products”, Taishan Sports only focuses on one thing over the past 40 years: persistent in the sports industry.China’s Taishan is also the world’s Taishan. Taishan Sports is a world brand, a global sports event service provider and an internationalized sports industry group.

Over the years, Taishan Sports has successfully served more than 1,000 sports events including several Olympic Games, Asian Games, Universiade and National Games of China, all of which have achieved "Zero Error, Zero Breakdown, Zero Complaint" and have been highly praised by the organizing committees of each event.

Based on scientific and technological innovation, Taishan Sports owns many national R & D platforms, such as "National Manufacturing Champion Demonstration Enterprise", "National Sports Goods Engineering Technology Research Center", "National Sports Goods Competition Equipment Testing Laboratory", "National Industrial Design Center", "Post-doctoral Research Station".

Life lies in sports, and sports need science. The Pardus carbon fiber bicycle and I-dong intelligent body testing all-in-one machine independently developed and manufactured by Taishan, have respectively won gold awards for Excellent Industrial Design in China.

Taishan's self-developed "Breathing Artificial Turf" has reached the standard of forests and lakes by releasing negative ions through sport friction, which is in the world's leading level.

From making products to making standards, Taishan Sports has attended the formulation of many international and domestic product standards, such as indoor & outdoor fitness equipment, artificial turf and sports engineering, carbon fiber bicycles, intelligent body testing machine, ice and snow products. Taishan has won greater voice on the international stage. IOC Chairmen of three consecutive sessions, nearly 100 presidents and secretaries-general of individual sports associations have visited Taishan and given their high recognition.

Taishan Sports attaches importance to global development by attracting global talents, using global technology and seeking global market. Taishan Sports strives to achieve the goal of "Double 100 Billion Yuan" (annual sales revenue exceeding 100 billion yuan and brand value exceeding 100 billion yuan), and create a trillion yuan sports industry cluster.

Taishan people have forged today's gold brand with perseverance, courageous innovation spirit, infinite loyalty and great love to customers.Implementing Healthy China Action to Improve the Health Level of the Whole Nation, Taishan Sports will continue to fully serve the cause of national fitness and health, and also bring sports enjoyment to the world!

The brilliance of Taishan Sports can not be separated from the love and support of leaders at all levels, international and domestic sports organizations and friends from all walks of life. Here, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you all!