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Shenzhen Taishan Sports Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Taishan Sports Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Taishan Sports Technology") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taishan Sports Industry Group. It is dedicated to national fitness and committed to build the national fitness brand-- Idong since its establishment in 2007.

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Overall Solution of Smart Sports

Idong Series Chips Based on Independent Intellectual Property RightsNational Certification, FCC Certification of USA, CE Certification of EU

Taking the independently-developed AI chips as the core, Taishan has created the overall solution of intelligent sports to promote the public intelligence sports and help the Healthy China Strategy. The overall solution of Taishan Smart Sports includes 8 series of products:1. All-in-one AI Body Testing Machine; 2. National Physique Monitoring Facility; 3. Smart Health Room; 4. Intelligent Trainer; 5. Smart Path Fitness Equipment;6. Smart Fitness Trail; 7. Scientific Sports and Fitness Center; 8. National Fitness Service Platform
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Idong Bar

Idong Bar is a sports health solution brand of Taishan Sports. With the AI Body Testing Machine as its core, the club creatively realizes continuous supervision and self-management of individual sports health and gives fitness guidance. The club also carries out the collection, analysis and application of civilian big data, creating a closed loop of personal and group sports health promotion. It can provide overall solutions of sports health for enterprises and institutions, comprehensive community, office buildings.

In 2017 World University Games, "Idong Bar" initiated the "Sports + Internet" model to serve international sports competitions.